ForeverPen Wholesale

ForeverPen Wholesale

RRP: $39 / MAP: $29

10 units $210 (40% off) 
20 units $350 (50% off)
50 units $790 (55% off)
100 units $1400 (60% off)
200 units $2450 (65% off)
500+ units $5250 (70% off)
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The World's Tiniest Inkless Pen

Ever needed a pen and couldn't find one?
This pen sits on your keys and never needs refilling.

Made from a safe metal composite that lasts practically forever.
Through material science, Leonardo Da Vinci's silverpoint is revived.

One Pen with so many uses

Here are just a few of them:

Write with it
Jot down notes
Cut with it
Slice open boxes
Dive with it
Write underwater
Survive the elements
Fire Resistant

Machine Milled

Precise down to the millimeter

How Small?

One inch in length


With a carry hole and a total length of just under an inch, it integrates seamlessly to any EDC

As its name suggests, the pen's rugged, weather-proof construction will ensure it lasts as long as you do

This pen measures less than an inch. Oh, and it can also write upside-down, in zero gravity, and underwater

The perfect no-waste writing utensil for avid writers

Any Questions?

Here are a few questions and answers that come up frequently:

The laws of physics tell us no, but since it lasts much, much longer than any other pen, we figured this name would get the point across.

Non-toxic Silver composite.

Body: Grade 5 Titanium

Our pens do not contain lead or any other toxic heavy metals.
The pens use a non-toxic composite made with Silver.

: 26mm (~1 inch)
Diameter: 8mm (0.3 inches)

ForeverPen Pro
: 64mm (~2.5 inches)
Diameter: 8mm (0.3 inches)

The hole helps you attach the pen to your keys, carabiner or anything else.
It's situated at the end of the ForeverPen and ForeverPen Pro.

We offer $2.99 shipping to every single country in the world!

We offer a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
If you need assistance, please contact us at the links below.

The last pen you'll need